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If you need help on the CBEST test, you have come to the right place. If you have never taken the CBEST test and worry about it, you have also come to the right place. The CBEST test is a test that many teachers seem to have some trouble with. Many pass the CBEST on the first time, many do not. Most get hung up on the CBEST math portion.

If you feel you are close to passing the CBEST, but cannot get over the top, you are the perfect candidate for getting help. If you have failed one or more parts of the CBEST test, then you know it is a game. I can show you some rules that may help you pass the math portion of the CBEST test. I have numerous tips and strategies for improving your CBEST math score.
However, there is no substitute for math readiness. I feel the math portion on the CBEST can be passed easily using no more than adult logic techniques and 6th grade math skills.

Check out the CBEST test help links on the left. Our sample CBEST math tests have complete answers with detailed ways of solving each one. There is also a general CBEST test help link, as well as math specific hints for tackling math word problems!

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